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Music4Life was created in 2005 by R.J. Johnson. R.J. is a broadcast professional who has worked in radio, televison, and audio in Austin since 1985.

Why "Music4Life" ?
The name was suggested by a friend of mine. When I heard it, I knew that it was perfect immediately! It just made my heart sing. Music has always been my passion from the time I was a child (thanks mom & dad!).

RJ - The DJ:
I grew up digging in my parents huge record collection, always making cassettes. In 1984, I bought my first set of turntables at a pawn shop and started buying records and playing at home. I did house parties, then went on the air on Austin Community Radio in 1985 while still in high school. I am currently the production manager and host of a Tuesday night program there. I am thankful to have learned so much about music, production and how to produce great radio.

RJ - The Coach:
I am also a professional coach and trainer. I use my coaching skills and experience in business to coach people to make a living doing the things they are passionate about. During the planning process, I coach you and give you feedback on which songs or events to choose.

RJ - The Musician:
As a teenager, I used to jam out with drumsticks on the couch that set was up like a drumset. After high school, I bought my first drum machines and starting doing beats for artists I was working with. Later, I began to learn to play drums by putting on records and listening to every note and playing along and learning. I enrolled at Austin Community College and began taking drum lessons. I still play around town with different groups and I am one of the lead singers with my band Vida Deluxe. I also play bass guitar and keyboards.

RJ - The Photographer:
I have a big passion for photography. My photography company is PicsInTheMix and I am probably one of the only photographers who DJs while shooting in the studio. It's great to play the music that my clients enjoy and capture some amazing images. If you need help producing your slideshow, please ask and I am delighted to help you create it with a custom soundtrack that fits you.

Music4Life Media:
While in college, my focus was audio production, announcing, and television. I have a home studio where I create radio spots, produce music with my record label, Music4Life, and put together special mixes and edits for clients. One of my favorite things to do is to interview couples about when they first got together and record that for inclusion in their grand entrance or slide show. Wow!